Homespun School

Homespun Craft School is a skills-based heirloom craft classroom and studio. Our goal is to create and maintain a community of makers; who foster creativity and share skills, traditions, and lore. We are ever evolving while being committed to our connection with the past.



The purpose of this project is multifold. We would like to create a space for artists and makers to express themselves and their feelings of dis-ease and disgust for the current social and political climate. We would like to create a space for people to have hard talks about privilege, about race, about politics, we would like to create a space for folks to learn and grow. We would like to use our hands to create something that is bigger than any of us could do on our own. We would like to use that creation to raise money and awareness for our causes. We have more than one cause. We are each passionate about more than one issue. We would like to create and build and foster community.


We need to be able to rely on the simplest things in this time of confusion and fear. We need to know that we can make things with our own hands, we need to know that we will have each other’s backs, we need to know that we are stronger together.


We will make a quilt. A quilt is a simple, useful article that is imbued with so much meaning. It brings warmth, it brings protection, it brings love. It has a life of its own, it has a history, and a future. It is an heirloom, something that can be handed down from generation to generation. It is a work of art, taking time, energy, love, effort. It is something that has traditionally been crafted by women, for their families, for new babies, for weddings. Crafted in times of love, to be used in times of sorrow, loss, and despair.


We are going to meet, once or twice a week for as long as we need. We will hold space for each other. We will talk about our acts of resistance. We will meet each other where we are at. We will work together to create this quilt. We will start with fabric, we will dye it, we will cut it, we will sew it. We will piece together our quilt like we are suturing our wounds.


And when we are finished, we will use our quilt to raise funds. We will show it, and we will auction it off. We will make sure that all of the money that we get for it goes towards a most worthy cause.


We need you. We need you to help us design, cut, dye, embroider, sew. We need you to donate fabric, thread, needles, scissors. We need you to donate food, beer, wine, coffee, tea. We need you to lend us your space. We need your organizational skills. We will take and use any skills or goods that are offered us. And together we will begin to craft our resistance.